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The Ultimate Performance Metrics has spent more than a decade advancing excellence in the technology of measuring performance metrics.

Selex Success is e-Selex.comís unique online facility for performance measurement and criterion development. Selex Success is quick, accurate, adaptable and inexpensive.

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"I have worked with Terry Mitchell on 11 full validation studies, over a nine year period, and I believe Terry is the best in the world in the validation arena. He makes sure that all studies meet EEOC/APA standards and that the criterion is given the high emphasis it requires. His online data collection systems also make the collection of validation data quick and easy. If you have any questions about Terry or my experience working with him, please just ask me!"
Dr. Dennis Warmke
Warmke Consulting LLC
At, our competitive advantage is our focus. We predict job success for jobs in any industry through the use of online biodata predictive assessments. This has led to consistently impressive results.

Our customers have enjoyed substantial cost savings and improved productivity through the use of our services. The typical benefits realized by customers include increased individual productivity and sales results by 20 to 40%, decreased personnel turnover by 30 to 50%, and decreased selection process costs by up to 70%.

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Our newest Web-based biodata assessment platform for consultants and their customers makes's most powerful selection tools available to large and small employers with no set-up costs. Learn more about SmartSelex, The Intelligent Choice.

Consultants: Grow your business by becoming an Authorized Consulting Expert (ACE). A SmartSelex ACE is an exclusive provider of the powerful selection tools on the Smartselex platform. Learn how to become a SmartSelex ACE.

PreSelexSkillSelexJobSelexWEBselexSelex Success
PreSelex provides prescreening based on minimum job requirements ensuring that only qualified candidates enter the selection process.
SkillSelex matches candidate skill profiles against job profiles to create a job fit estimate.
JobSelex captures employment application data in a standardized and printable format.
WEBselex biodata assessments predict job success and tenure for a variety of job families.
Selex Success
Selex Success is our advanced technology, developed over many years, to gauge the contributions of individual employees to organizational success.
Catalog The catalog offers over 500 biodata items ready to be keyed, validated, and used to predict at least 23 distinct criteria. The catalog is not sold, but is made available to end-user organizations through a licensing agreement.
Job Success specializes in high-quality, cost-effective validation work. We are currently offering our validation services to qualified customers.

  • What We Do scores applicants to predict job success

  • Dr. Terry Mitchell
    Dr. Mitchell is nationally recognized as the leading authority on the practical use of biodata for personnel selection

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    View some of's unique system features designed to increase candidates' and administrators' ease-of-use

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  • Biodata vs. Employment Tests
    A brief overview of some important differences between biodata prediction systems and traditional tests.

  • How We Develop Biodata Predictors
    A description of e-Selex.comís proprietary method for developing biodata, the Multiple Criterion Antecedent Procedure (MCAP).

  • Factors Cubed
    Key performance factors tend to be independent for most jobs. View the solution for selecting for multiple performance factors.

  • Criterion Development
    Criterion development is a critical step to creating a biodata predictor. View the steps taken to create criterion factors for a Customer Service Representative position.

  • Biodata Validity Report: Results
    A sample report showing the typical evidence of construct validity and criterion related validity that result from the use of biodata.

  • Catalog of Biodata Items
    The catalog offers over 500 biodata items ready to be keyed, validated, and used to predict at least 23 distinct criteria. Expertise
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