At we gather reliable information from job applicants. We apply sophisticated algorithms to score the information, and to rate the potential job success of the applicants on specific success criteria for a broad range of jobs. The resulting predictor ratings have higher validity in predicting actual job success than any employment test available on the open Web.

Many people assume that we do employment testing because we collect data from applicants, score it, and use it to accurately predict job success. Many people mistakenly think of us as an employment testing company, and many people mistakenly refer to our prediction tools as tests. In fact, many people are genuinely confused to learn that we don't do employment testing, although we certainly do excel at predicting job success.

People have asked, "How is your service different from employment testing?" One way to answer this question is by using the analogy of the physical exam conducted by a physician. The physician may order lab tests as part of the exam, but the exam itself is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers to the physician's questions. There is only the truth and the reality of the patient's physical being. The person is who they are, and the reality of the person is what it is. That reality is neither right nor wrong. The goal of the physician's exam is simply to recognize that reality.

We are not physicians, but the professional services we provide are based on an advanced method of predictive science. Rather than using employment tests that are made up of questions that have right and wrong answers, our predictive science is based on an examination of the whole person. We examine who they are now, and who they have been in the past, much in the same way as the physician examines the whole person's physical health.

We don't focus on some small part of the person's ability, skill or knowledge. We don't force the applicant into some artificial task so that we can estimate how smart they are. We don't try to probe the applicants' personalities so that we can label them as personality types or saddle them with personality profiles that have no relevance whatsoever to actual job success. We examine the total person, including past success, achievements, general abilities, specific accomplishments, education and work history, goals, and motivation to succeed. So, much like the physician's physical exam, we examine the whole person. Most importantly, we never loose sight of our primary purpose, which is not to measure the applicant on some esoteric set of latent personality or ability traits, but which is plainly and simply to provide the most accurate prediction of actual job success possible.

There are some things that we don't do.

So, what can we do for you?

We measure our value on your bottom line.

This is what we do.

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