What Are Biodata?

Biodata scoring is a very old and powerful technology for predicting job success.

Biodata items are multiple-choice question regarding an applicantís biographical information. Some biodata items ask about a person's achievements in school, community, or prior work settings. Other biodata items ask about work attitudes, goals, vocational interests, preferences for working alone or in groups, and other job-relevant variables.

The power of biodata technology lies in the empirical analyses of the biographical information. The analyses are based upon large numbers of people who have answered these items. The scoring for each multiple choice response option is based upon how the group of applicants who chose that option performed on the job.

When properly developed, biodata scoring systems capture and combine the maximum validity for each biodata item in predicting essential job criteria such as the quantity and quality of work, turnover, absenteeism, and other aspects of work behavior.

e-Selex.comís biodata assessments are ideally suited for use on the Internet. Biodata solicits factual content that is verifiable, making biodata predictors highly resistant to falsification. This is important because the key to successful hiring is a high applicant-to-hire ratio and the Internet is the way to get it. The Internet can greatly expand the qualified applicant pool.

e-Selex.comís Biodata predictors:

To view the available WEBselex biodata assessments, click here. Learn more about biodata by viewing the following links:

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