Criterion Development: Customer Service Representative (CSR) (continued)
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Varimax Rotated Factor Matrix

An interpretation of the Varimax factor loadings leads to the following criterion constructs:

Factor 1 - Performance and Productivity. Effective problem solving, analysis, and thinking skills, an eagerness to learn through self-teaching, an ability to work independently, and effective communication skills.

Factor 2 - Customer Service Quality. Positive customer service attitudes and performance, including cheerfulness, poise, patience, empathy, and control in dealing with difficult customers, and a willingness to take the time needed to satisfy the customer.

Factor 3 - Stability and Retention. Stability in the job with relatively low risk of voluntary turnover, and overall satisfaction with the job.

Factor 4 - Work Ethics and Dependability. Arriving to work and returning from breaks on time, avoiding absences from work, and dependability in meeting deadlines and appointments.

Factor 5 - Selling Potential. Persistent and persuasive selling skills, and the use of cross selling as an opportunity to benefit customers.

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