Custom System Enhancement meets the needs of our customers through our standard and customized systems. appreciates the varying requirements of our diverse customers. Some of our larger customers require systems that include special reporting, links to other websites or advanced branding.

For these customers, we deliver a custom system, tailored to their needs. Other customers use the standard system functionality, developed and refined through use across many companies. works together with each customer to define the specifications for the Web-based selection system. The objective of this process is to adapt our services to fully satisfy the unique needs of each customer.

Standard systems are prepared for each customer at the cost of $11,950. The costs for customer systems vary, based on the level of customization.

In addition to customizing the system functionality, also offers customized predictors. will prepare and validate a predictor for a specific job. This approach is normally used for jobs that have a large incumbent population, due to the sample size requirements for the development. The outcome that is being predicted (e.g., tenure, customer service, sales results) is measurable and reliable. begins the development process with MCAP (Multiple Criterion Antecedent Procedure), our proprietary method for developing biodata to predict specific job outcomes. Based on the MCAP results, selects appropriate predictor scales and biodata items.

If appropriate, we develop new biodata items using the MCAP results. The development process usually includes a validation study, using our Selex Success service. The validation process includes criterion investigation and development, predictor development, data collection and analyses.

The result is an empirically scored predictor assessment, validated for a specific job or outcome. Typically there are a number of scored performance predictor scales, such as performance and productivity, dependability, initiative, customer service and satisfaction, trustworthiness, and sales results.

For those customers that do not require a customized predictor, we have prepared WEBselex predictors that can be used for jobs within the assessmentís target job family. To view the available WEBselex assessments, click here.

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