Putting the Odds in Your Favor

Picking candidates by reviewing resumes is a lot like random selection. Fortunately, advanced prediction technology available through e-Selex.com can really put the odds in your favor.

Imagine choosing blindly from two bowls of marbles. One bowl has three green marbles for every red one. The other has the reverse, three red marbles for every green one. If you want green marbles, choosing from the first bowl gives you a lot more of them with a greatly reduced chance of picking red ones.

If green is a color code for job success, and red is a color code for failure, the bowls of marbles show the relative success rates for candidates recommended versus not recommended by e-Selex.com.

Much like the bowls of marbles shown here, putting e-Selex screening tools at the very front end of your personnel selection process can sort your candidates into two basic categories, those who are recommended and those who are not. Choosing candidates to interview from those who are recommended will give you a three times better chance to find successful candidates, compared to those not recommended by e-Selex.

Clearly, not every candidate recommended by e-Selex will be successful. Likewise, if hired, some of the candidates who are not recommended would succeed. Over the long run, however, following the e-Selex recommendation will greatly improve your odds of hiring successful candidates. In fact, using e-Selex to prescreen your applicants can more than double the hit rates for hiring above average job performers.

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