IT Systems Integration

When it comes to integrating our services with other Web-based HR services, the technical design staff at never says no! We provide the technical expertise and flexibility to integrate seamlessly with any other HR Internet service provider.

The excellent services provided by e-Selex.comís standard systems can be used independently of any other systems, and our customers need not depend on any other service providers to enjoy the full benefits of our services. However, if the customer wishes, our systems can be integrated with any and all other Internet systems, including Internet job boards, corporate websites, applicant tracking systems, and human resource information systems.

The extent of integration of our systems with your current or planned HR staffing and reporting system is up to you. We understand the complexity that goes along with implementing new HR technology and the importance of meeting and exceeding the high expectations of HR personnel. routinely creates systems that can receive data from and transfer data to various other systems including Kenexa, Taleo, Peopleclick, Oracle, SAP, and company proprietary systems. Further, we can securely transmit the data in either real-time, batch mode, or both, which routinely and automatically provides your company with continuous data back-ups.

If branding is important to your company, can also incorporate your website template to provide candidates with a seamless and transparent transition from your front-end career site to the systems and back. understands the importance of getting the integration details right the first time to ensure success. The technical staff has extensive experience working with other technical personnel to ensure that the systems are compatible and that they work together to meet our customerís staffing and reporting needs.

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