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Sales Prediction: Large nationwide retailer

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A large nationwide retailer who hired thousands of Sales Associates every year, came to e-Selex.com requesting a method of selecting high quality employees from the many candidates who walked in the door.

e-Selex.com was commissioned to develop an assessment to predict sales performance and turnover. After conducting a job analyses, e-Selex.com developed a sales biodata predictor, using the items in the e-Selex.com sales question pool. The assessment validated well and was implemented nation-wide.

The results were outstanding. In a follow-up validation study, the average monthly sales volume of those Associates that scored in the Highly Recommended range was $11,000 and $12,000 higher that those who score in the Not Recommended and Marginally Recommended range.

These numbers enable us to understand the utility of using the e-Selex.com assessment. (These utility numbers assume that without the assessment equal percentages of sales associates would have been hired at each level of recommendation.)

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