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Loss Prediction: Large nationwide retailer

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Reducing Loss: Selecting Trustworthy, Drug-Free Employees

Loss Prevention is critically important to one of our customers, a large consumer products retailer. The organization's Loss Prevention department was highly regarded and very successful in selecting trustworthy, drug-free employees. But there was a hitch. The Loss Prevention portion of the hiring process was time-consuming and expensive. Highly trained Loss Prevention Specialists completed detailed face-to-face interviews with every potential new hire. The interview notes were sent to headquarters and evaluated. This process was very expensive and added days to the applicant-to-hire time.

e-Selex.com's challenge was to develop an automated assessment that was equally effective as the face-to-face interview. e-Selex.com worked closely with the organization to develop a biodata assessment to predict the same criteria as the interview, trustworthiness and the potential of drug use.

The assessment was validated on over 12,000 employees, including all field and corporate office levels, positions, and titles. The results were impressive.

The e-Selex.com assessment produced an estimated 35% reduction in employee theft and theft-related criteria. There was an overall 50% reduction in annual inventory loss. These amazing results produced total annual savings of $26 million during first year of use. In addition, the automated assessment dramatically reduced the staff time required for successfully predicting Loss Prevention.

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