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A national provider of computer equipment was dissatisfied with their Account Manager turnover numbers. They also believed their sales and gross profit number could be increased with an improved selection system. The company contacted e-Selex.com to develop the system.

After completing a job analysis, e-Selex.com combined two successful assessments, WEBselex for Telecenter and WEBselex for Sales, to capture the full job performance criteria for this position. The new assessment was implemented and after four years, a predictive criterion-related validation study was conducted.

e-Selex.com obtained objective sales and profit data from the company. They were most interested in Gross Profit, because this data point indicated the ability to sell, without excessively discounting the product.

The chart below presents the difference in Gross Profit for the second month of hire for each Hiring Recommendation level. The Highly Recommended employees made $156.18 more in Gross Profit than the Not Recommended employees. That represents 30% more profit brought in by the Highly Recommended hires.

2nd 30-day Gross Profit by Recommendation Level

e-Selex.com revised the assessment based on the validation study. The assessment was shortened and the validity increased. The chart below shows the projected difference in Gross Profit for the second month of hire using the revised assessment. The Highly Recommended employees would make $251.77 more Gross Profit than the Not Recommended employees in the second month of hire. This represents a 40% increase in profits for the Highly Recommended hires over the Not Recommended hires.

Revised Assessment:
2nd 30-day Gross Profit by Recommendation Level

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