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Success Overseas: Predicting Job Success for Large Scottish Employer

e-Selex.com was contacted by a former customer who was hired to head-up the selection function for a Scottish financial services company. In his new position, he was looking for a selection process for Administrative and Telecenter positions. The goal was to reduce turnover and increase performance, as he had seen e-Selex.com do in the U.S. with his previous employer.

e-Selex.com worked with the customer to determine the critical criteria for these positions. e-Selex.com developed and implemented two assessments to predict job success in Administrative and Telecenter positions.

The results of concurrent and predictive validation studies conducted at this Scottish organization strongly supported the use of WEBselex biodata predictors for these positions.

The first validation study investigated how well the WEBselex assessment predicted supervisory ratings of critical dimensions of job performance, including Task Performance, Dependability, Service Performance, and Selling Potential. Impressive validities were observed for the WEBselex predictor scores against these four critical aspects of job performance, with observed validity coefficients ranging from .14 (p < .05) to .36 (p > .01). The validity coefficients for predicting job performance in the Administrative positions was particularly impressive, with all coefficients well above .30. It is worth noting that these are all observed, uncorrected correlation coefficients.

A follow-up validation study was conducted on WEBselex predictors using objective criterion data provided by the company. The study showed impressive results for increasing performance, while also reducing absences and disciplinary action for administrative staff. Finally, it increased performance, reducing turnover and disciplinary actions for telecenter staff.

The validity coefficients for the Administrative position are displayed in the table below. As per the Brogden (1946) interpretation of the validity coefficient as a measure of predictive efficiency, observed validities of this magnitude indicate improved absences by 30%, reduced disciplinary action by 29%, and improved performance by 33%.

Administrative - Observed validity coefficients (uncorrected)

Selected WEBselex Predictors Performance Appraisal Rating Times Absent Number of Disciplinary Actions
Performance Predictor .33** .06 -0.16
Dependability Predictor .23** -0.30** -0.29

** p < 0.01, two-tailed; * p < 0.05, two tailed

The validity results for the Telecenter positions are displayed in the following table. Using the Brogden (1946) interpretation again, the Hiring Recommendation validities indicate retention improved by 23% and number of disciplinary actions reduced by 23%.

The WEBselex for Sales assessment predicted service policy sales as well. In the same follow-up validation study, the average monthly service policy sales of Associates that scored in the Highly Recommended range was $2,605, while those who scored in the Not Recommended range averaged $1,888. Highly Recommended Associates averaged 27% higher in service policy sales than Not Recommended Associates.

Telecenter - Observed validity coefficients (uncorrected)

Selected WEBselex Predictors Performance Appraisal Rating Retention Criterion Number of Disciplinary Actions
Performance Predictor 0.21** -0.12 0.01
Dependability Predictor -0.02 -0.22** -0.26
Retention Predictor 0.02 0.20* -0.21**
Hiring Recommendation -0.08 -0.23** -0.23**

** p < 0.01, two-tailed; * p < 0.05, two tailed

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