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WEBselex for Administrative is an applicant screening assessment designed specifically for jobs with administrative functions. The assessment consists of 87 multiple-choice work and education background questions, and takes the applicant approximately 35 minutes to complete. The assessment produces one predictor score for each of the four performance factors shown below, and one predictor score for overall performance, created through a combination of the four predictors.
Performance Factors
  1. Work Quality and Dependability
    Meets deadlines, has high performance standards, works efficiently during busy times, produces high quality within requirements and time constraints, avoids repeating mistakes, arrives to work and returns from breaks on time, takes the initiative to do what is needed without being asked, and avoids absences.

  2. Problem Solving and Learning
    Demonstrates strong information processing and communications skills, finds creative and effective solutions to problems, applies analytic skill to understand problems, learns through self-teaching, carefully follows rules, policies, and procedures, readily learns new systems and procedures, and works through problems independently whenever possible.

  3. Interpersonal and Customer Relations
    Maintains positive attitudes when dealing with difficult co-workers or customers, maintains control and poise with demanding co-workers or customers, avoids showing anger or extreme emotions in dealing with others, avoids unproductive complaints, avoids conflicts or disputes with co-workers, and effectively copes with stress caused by workload, co-workers, or customers.

  4. Job Satisfaction and Retention
    Has a long-term commitment to the company and to the job, avoids expressing dissatisfaction with management or with the work, is stable and satisfied in the position, and avoids negative or counter-productive work behavior.

Each of the four predictors has been empirically developed and validated against specific, relevant criterion measures. Similarly, the overall performance predictor has been validated against measures of overall job performance for clerical and administrative personnel. When properly used, each of these predictors has the potential to improve average new-hire performance on relevant criterion measures by 27 to 37 percent.

Our data show that using the assessment significantly improves the employer's odds of selecting top performing new hires, and at the same time reduces interviewing costs by more than 50%.

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