WEBselex® for Information Technology
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WEBselex for Information Technology is an applicant screening assessment especially designed for Information Technology workers. The assessment consists of 100 multiple-choice work and education background questions and takes only 40 minutes to complete. The assessment produces one predictor score for each of the five performance factors shown below, and one predictor score for overall performance, created through a combination of the five predictors.
Performance Factors
  1. Technical Problem Solving (analytic skill, creative solutions)
    • Proposes superior technical options to complex problems
    • Finds resourceful and creative solutions
    • Uses analytic skills to understand complicated issues
    • Produces high quality work, even under stress
    • Takes initiative to solve problems independently

  2. Teamwork (cooperative work relations, information sharing)
    • Expresses value and positive regard for the work of others
    • Cooperates with other team members by sharing information
    • Accepts responsibility for mistakes
    • Admits lack of knowledge or understanding
    • Creates effective working relationships with team members

  3. Programming and Writing (designs, work plans, specifications, programs, comments)
    • Develops and continuously maintains project design documents
    • Records system problems in accurate and timely notations
    • Takes initiative to develop detailed technical specifications
    • Complies with standards for writing and commenting code
    • Shows leadership through planning and coordinating the work

  4. Retention (stability, attachment, and commitment to the job)
    • Intends to hold position for several years to come
    • Values and seeks to maintain membership in company
    • Regards position as the focus of self-definition and identity
    • Takes satisfaction from challenging work environment
    • Is not seeking opportunities outside the company

  5. Growth (learning, continuing education, self-teaching, professional activity)
    • Takes initiative to pursue self-study and self-teaching
    • Is actively involved in continuing education opportunities
    • Constantly seeks professional growth and development
    • Welcomes work assignments that demand learning new skills
    • Advances skills by participation in professional groups

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