WEBselex® for Loss Prevention
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WEBselex for Loss Prevention is a pre-employment assessment used to decrease inventory loss. It screens out job applicants who are most likely to fail a criminal background check, reference check, or drug test. It also predicts if a job applicant is likely to steal, or to become the subject of a criminal investigation, suspected of theft, or responsible for a cash shortage, cash overage or inventory shrinkage.
The assessment consists of 120 multiple-choice biographical questions and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The assessment produces two predictor scales, Theft and Drug, and a risk rating that includes three levels: low risk, moderate risk and high risk.

WEBselex for Loss Prevention provides the highest level of predictive validity with minimal, if any, adverse impact on minorities. Validation data show statistically significant validity coefficients ranging from .20 to .25. These data also show that the assessment can be used to reduce costs associated with criminal background checks, reference checks and drug screens by 20% or more by decreasing applicant failure rates. Further, the assessment has the potential to reduce inventory shrinkage in an organization by up to 25%. For one of our larger national retail customers, this translated into a savings of $26 million per year.

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