WEBselex® for Retail
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WEBselex for Retail is an applicant screening assessment designed for retail recruitment and selection. The assessment consists of 80 multiple-choice biographical questions and takes only 30 minutes to complete. The assessment produces one predictor score for each of the five performance factors shown below, and one predictor score for overall performance, created through a combination of the five predictors.
Performance Factors
  1. Dependability
    Arrives on time and prepared to work. Avoids absences from work and meets deadlines.

  2. Customer Service
    Listens and attends to customers' needs. Maintains a positive attitude toward customer service, is helpful, cheerful and friendly.

  3. Retention
    Is stable in the job with a relatively low risk of voluntary turnover.

  4. Management Potential
    Demonstrates the experience and skills necessary to advance to store management positions.

  5. Performance
    Demonstrates ability to handle ongoing demands, works independently and effectively solves problems.

Each of the five predictors has been empirically developed and validated against specific, relevant criterion measures. Similarly, the overall performance predictor has been validated against measures of overall job performance for retail personnel.

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