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Bottom Line Results
Validity research on over 11,000 sales associates shows that selecting applicants from the Highly Recommended pool has resulted in 33% higher sales volume compared to applicants selected from the Not Recommended pool. These results were obtained in a cross-validation study conducted by a national seller for consumer electronics products. In an independent study conducted by a national retailer, data showed an annual gain of $200 million in gross sales and $4 million in sales profit from the use of WEBselex for Sales to select sales associates. This increase in sales profit was accomplished with zero adverse impact on racial and ethnic minority groups.
Appropriate Jobs
This predictor assessment is appropriate for sales positions. The instrument has been validated on samples including a broad range of titles such as pharmaceutical sales, department store sales, consumer electronics sales and automobile sales positions.

Assessment Description
WEBselex for Sales is a biodata predictor assessment. Biodata are job-relevant measures of success within the context of a person's past and present circumstances. Biodata items are used to collect the same types of information as may be legally collected through traditional job applications. Some multiple-choice biodata items ask about a person's achievements in school, community, or prior work settings. Other biodata items ask about work attitudes, goals, vocational interests, preferences for working alone or in groups, and other job-relevant variables.

This assessment was developed using MCAP (Multiple Criterion Antecedent Procedure), e-Selex.comís proprietary method for developing biodata to predict specific job outcomes. The MCAP method discovers the life history antecedents underlying the development of worker characteristics that determine job success. The method involves three types of analyses to collect information that may be used for both criterion development and predictor development. These analyses are: 1) Organization Analysis, 2) Worker-Oriented Job Analysis, and 3) Person Analysis.

The predictor items for this assessment were developed over a ten-year period, beginning in 1990. Items from this assessment have been used for positions at many organizations. The scoring for these items has been refined and improved with each application.

The WEBselex for Sales predictor assessment contains 80 items. The items are multiple-choice ranging from 4 to 10 response options. An average applicant for these positions can complete the assessment in 30 minutes or less.

Predicted Work Outcomes
The WEBselex for Sales assessment predicts three independent work outcomes.

Sales Productivity - Defined as advanced selling skills, an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude toward selling and meeting challenging sales goals.

Customer Service - Defined as a positive attitude toward customers and co-workers, control in dealing with difficult customers, and a focus on satisfying customer needs.

Retention - Defined as the likelihood of survival and satisfaction in a sales career and the likelihood of remaining employed with company.

The numerical scores for each outcome predicted by the assessment are presented graphically as standard scores. The overall hiring recommendation rating is presented using a 3-point scale.

Validity Findings
e-Selex.com collects validity data for the WEBselex biodata assessments on an ongoing basis. Strong validity evidence for the WEBselex for Sales has been obtained for sales positions in many industries. The assessment has consistently resulted in high validities for sales positions, regardless of the product being sold. One example is a study completed on a sample of sales employees at a large, national retailer. The criterion measures were performance factors based on supervisor ratings, as well as objective sales data. When each of the three predictor scale scores were correlated against their respective target criterion, the data showed validities in the mid-.30s for the three predictors.

Assessment Norms
Assessment norms are based on an aggregated national sample of over 100,000 qualified applicants for sales positions across several organizations.

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