WEBselex® for Bank Staffing
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WEBselex for Bank Staffing is a fair and valid applicant screening assessment designed for both teller and personal banker positions. The assessment has been used by and empirically validated on thousands of tellers and personal bankers at one of the nation's leading financial institutions. Validation results show substantial improvement in employee work quality and accuracy, sales and referrals, and retention.

The assessment consists of 107 multiple-choice work and education background questions, and takes the applicant approximately 45 minutes to complete. The assessment produces one predictor score for each of the following five performance factors, and one predictor score for Overall Performance.
Performance Factors
  1. Task Performance
    Effective problem solving skills and the ability to work independently.

  2. Customer Service
    Positive customer service attitudes and performance, including cheerfulness, empathy and self-control in customer interactions.

  3. Work Quality and Dependability
    Working in an accurate and efficient manner and prompt arrival to work and return from breaks.

  4. Sales/Referrals for Bank Services
    Listening to customer needs and maximizing sales referral opportunities.

  5. Retention
    Stability in the job, likelihood of remaining employed with the company and overall satisfaction with the job.

The assessment provides an Overall Hiring Recommendation rating, from 1 to 3, from Not Recommended to Highly Recommended. Each of the predictors and the Overall Recommendation have been empirically developed and validated against relevant teller and personal banker metrics.

The table below demonstrates the observed relationship between the Overall Hiring Recommendation and teller/personal banker job success. Hiring "Recommended" or "Highly Recommended" teller/personal banker candidates results in twice as many top performing tellers/personal bankers.

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