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Bottom Line Results
After using WEBselex for Bank Staffing for several years, a leading nationwide financial institution compiled some objective data to determine how well the assessment was working. They compared those tellers and personal bankers who received “Highly Recommended” and “Recommended” on the assessment with those tellers and personal bankers who received “Not Recommended” and those who did not take the assessment. The results were impressive. The high scoring tellers and personal bankers had a 22% turnover rate versus a 33% turnover for the low score/no score. Tellers and personal bankers in the high scoring group performed better than the low scoring/no score group in the key metrics of Balancing Accuracy and Sales Referrals, as well as 90 Day Retention, and Days Worked.
Appropriate Jobs
This predictor assessment is appropriate for teller and personal banker positions.  

Assessment Description
WEBselex for Bank Staffing is a biodata predictor assessment. Biodata are job-relevant measures of success within the context of a person's past and present circumstances. Biodata items are used to collect the same types of information as may be legally collected through traditional job applications. Some multiple-choice biodata items ask about a person's achievements in school, community, or prior work settings. Other biodata items ask about work attitudes, goals, vocational interests, preferences for working alone or in groups, and other job-relevant variables.

This assessment was developed using MCAP (Multiple Criterion Antecedent Procedure), e-Selex.com's proprietary method for developing biodata to predict specific job outcomes. The MCAP method discovers the life history antecedents underlying the development of worker characteristics that determine job success. The method involves three types of analyses to collect information that may be used for both criterion development and predictor development. These analyses are: 1) Organization Analysis, 2) Worker-Oriented Job Analysis, and 3) Person Analysis.

The WEBselex for Bank Staffing predictor assessment contains 107 items. The items are multiple-choice ranging from 5 to 10 response options. An average applicant for these positions can complete the assessment in 45 minutes or less.

Predicted Work Outcomes
WEBselex for Bank Staffing predicts five independent work outcomes.

Task Performance
Predictor for effective problem solving skills and the ability to work independently.

Customer Service
Predictor for positive customer service attitudes and performance, including cheerfulness, empathy and self-control in customer interactions.

Work Quality and Dependability
Predictor for working in an accurate and efficient manner and prompt arrival to work and return from breaks.

Sales/Referrals for Bank Services
Predictor for listening to customer needs and maximizing sales referral opportunities.

Predictor for stability in the job, likelihood of remaining employed with the company and overall satisfaction with the job.

The numerical scores for each outcome predicted by the assessment are presented graphically as standard scores. The overall hiring recommendation rating is presented using a 3-point scale. The predictor scales are summed and weighted to create the overall hiring recommendation rating. The weighting is based on the relative validity of the predictors against the overall performance. The Work Quality and Dependability scale has the highest weight in the overall equation.

The numerical scores for each outcome predicted by the assessment are presented graphically as standard scores. The overall hiring recommendation rating is presented using a 3-point scale.

Validity Findings
The WEBselex for Bank Staffing items have been administered and validated for various financial and non-financial positions since 1990. This assessment was developed and validated at one of the nation's largest financial institutions. A concurrent, predictive validation study was conducted on a sample of 400 tellers and personal bankers. The criterion measures were performance factors based on supervisor ratings. These analyses showed statistically significant observed validity coefficients (p <.001, uncorrected) for each of the five biodata predictor scales against their corresponding performance criteria, ranging from .170 to .317. The overall biodata predictor composite also showed statistically significant validity (r=.223, p < .001, uncorrected) against the overall performance rating item. These results provide clear evidence for the criterion-related validity of the WEBselex for Bank Staffing assessment. Please note, these are observed validity coefficients. The data were not statistically adjusted or "corrected."

Federal guidelines on employee selection require employers to avoid adverse impact by sex and race in hiring procedures. Avoiding adverse impact greatly decreases the risk of employment discrimination litigation. Adverse impact ratios were calculated for this study for both sex and ethnicity groups. The results of these analyses do not show evidence of adverse impact for the predictors by either sex or ethnicity, as per the 80% rule.

Assessment Norms
The assessment norms are based on a national sample of thousands of qualified applicants for the teller and personal banker positions at one of the nation's largest financial institutions.

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