PreSelex PreSelex provides prescreening based on minimum job requirements ensuring that only qualified candidates enter the selection process. Those candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements do not progress to the next step in the system.

The following list notes some typical minimum requirements:
  • Eligibility to work in the United States
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Proximity or willingness to relocate to the job location
  • Minimum education (HS or GED)
  • Able to work required hours
  • Any other minimum requirement
PreSelex is a critical aspect of a hiring system, ensuring that only qualified candidates apply. With the use of a prescreen such as PreSelex, unqualified candidates will not enter the applicant process. This results in cost savings because the company does not have to pay for unqualified candidates to complete the WEBselex biodata predictor assessment or waste valuable time and resources interviewing these candidates.

The PreSelex service also includes the EEO Survey. As an independent, third party service, we can collect race/ethnicity, sex, and age data on individuals. We use these data to compute EEO summary reports, which are available to company representatives with the highest level of administrator access. These summary reports provide the EEO demographic data needed for tracking applicant flow statistics and for calculating impact ratios. We withhold data that is connected to the identity of individuals. Therefore, the company receives the benefit of having this essential information without the liability that is otherwise associated with collecting it.

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