Selex Success
Selex Success is our advanced technology, developed over many years, to gauge the contributions of individual employees to organizational success. This service is an efficient, convenient and cost-effective means for collecting the job performance data. This data can be used for developing, validating and evaluating all recruitment, hiring, training and personnel management programs. It can also be used for internal evaluation purposes for both annual reviews or for downsizing purposes.

Selex Success for Validation

Selex Success enables companies to conduct the highest quality validation study in a fraction of the time and at a small fraction of the expense compared to traditional methods of collecting criterion data. Unlike many commercial test vendors, strongly encourages customers to conduct validation studies. specializes in high quality and cost-effective validation work. The Selex Success technology provides the criterion measures required to validate selection procedures, as well as every other component of the HR process, against actual job success.
Use Selex Success for validation

Selex Success for Downsizing

Selex Success provides accurate, relevant, and defensible metrics for gauging employee performance and for indexing the relative contributions of each employee to the success of the organization. In the past, the Selex Success technology has primarily been used for validation purposes. This advanced technology is also ideally suited for making the right choices for retaining the best of your employees.
Use Selex Success for Downsizing

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