Downsizing? e-Selex is committed to helping our customers to do the right thing during these challenging times. Our performance measurement and criterion development technology is known and renowned as the best of our profession. This premier technology, known as Selex Success®, provides accurate, relevant, and defensible metrics for gauging employee performance and for indexing the relative contributions of each employee to the success of the organization. The Selex Success technology has primarily been used for
validation purposes. This advanced technology is also ideally suited for making the right choices for retaining the best of your employees.

In these challenging times, many companies are downsizing and are facing tough choices. It is an unfortunate reality in todayís economy. Now more than ever it is crucial to make the right choices, and to make those choices in the right way.

How do you decide who to keep?
Donít make the mistake of doing the wrong thing in trying to do the right thing.
  • Donít use pre-employment assessments which are generally inappropriate for evaluating current employees
  • Donít use administrative performance appraisals that are often distorted by conflicting purposes
  • Donít use early retirement or costly retirement incentives that will most likely result in the loss of your best talent
Do use the powerful, defensible, and accurate technology of Selex Success to help your organization do the right thing.
Some companies are turning to pre-employment assessment tools to decide who to keep. These pre-employment assessments were not designed, intended or validated to make decisions about current employees. Why use test data collected in an hour or two, when you have thousands of hours of performance data available to you? Pre-employment tests are inappropriate, ineffective, and most are not validated or legally defensible for downsizing purposes.
Companies facing the difficult challenge of downsizing need an objective, scientific, quantitative method for measuring job performance. e-Selexís Selex Success service measures job performance. This service uses advanced technology to provide an objective job performance measure that is valid on its face, valid in its content, and clear to both employees and managers in its relevance to job success.
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Selex Success Performance Measurement Science Process

Selex Success Performance Measurement Science Process

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e-Selex is the only provider in our industry that has continuously emphasized the importance of performance measurement technology as a companion service to assessment technology.

e-Selex is recognized within our profession as the leader in performance measurement and criterion development technology. We have been refining and advancing this powerful technology for 20 years. e-Selex is your best choice to work with your company to define and execute an evaluation process for reducing your workforce.

Workforce reduction is difficult. Many companies turn to old performance appraisal ratings to decide who to keep. These ratings do not tell you the best performers because they are influenced by many factors that are not related to performance. They are distorted by the purposes for which they are used, such as pay increases and as motivational
tools. Performance appraisal data are known to be inflated and distorted, and do not differentiate between the mediocre and the good performers. They simply are not valid, reliable measures. Other companies, wanting to avoid complaints and legal issues, let the employees choose who leaves through early retirement or other packages. This approach will most likely result in the loss of your best talent.

The smartest organizations will use e-Selex to identify and keep the best employees for future success. Be smart. Use Selex Success to do the right thing.

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