SkillSelex The Internet brings thousands of applicants to your company, but can you tell which ones have the skills you need?

Use SkillSelex to create profiles of critical skill dimensions for each job, and to gauge the skill levels of each job applicant across those critical dimensions.

Using SkillSelex, you specify the critical skill dimensions that are important to job success. You also rate the level of skill that is required for each dimension, creating a profile. Job applicants then provide self-assessments of their skill and experience that are tied to your profile. SkillSelex compares the profile that you created with the job applicant's self-assessment and provides you with the results.

SkillSelex is not a pass/fail type of assessment. Instead, results are provided on a continuum or scale. For example, an applicant applying for a Customer Service Representative position scores far above average on speaking ability, active listening, service orientation and problem identification. This same applicant also scores average on writing ability and far below average on mathematics. When compared to the critical skill dimensions that you identified as being important to job success, this applicant is rated as highly qualified for your Customer Service Representative position, because you identified writing ability and mathematics as not being critical for job success.

If you need assistance with creating skill profiles, e-Selex can help. We can provide occupational/skill descriptors on over 950 occupations or we can conduct a job analysis for you to identify the skills that are essential for job success.

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