e-Selex.com introduces SmartSelex
SmartSelex is a web-based biodata assessment delivery and reporting system. SmartSelex delivers e-Selex.comís powerful biodata predictor assessments to candidates and identifies those with the greatest potential for job success to employers.
Advantages of Biodata Predictor Assessments
  • Reduce total recruiting cost by 25%
  • Increased passing rates on written exams and interviews by 50 to 100%
  • Increased passing rates for minorities by
  • 100 to 300%
  • Increase productivity measures by 20 to 40%
  • Decrease turnover by 30 to 50%
Typical Benefits to Employers
  • Ideal for Internet administration due to factual content and verifiability
  • Consistently show strong predictive validity compared to other assessment tools
  • Consistently show less adverse impact than any other selection tool with comparable validity
  • Are job-relevant and legally defensible
  • Provide a predictor for turnover, a key priority for most organizations

Recruiters and HR staff use the Administrator website to view Candidate Results and run Summary Reports.
Candidates access the Candidate
website to complete four parts
of the screening process:
  • PreSelex prescreen
  • EEO survey
  • WEBselex biodata assessment
  • Online interview

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