We are celebrating an important milestone at e-Selex.com: 10 years of providing high-quality, online selection services. We would like you to share in our celebration.

How? e-Selex.com is offering a validation study AT NO COST to interested, qualified customers.

e-Selex.com is known throughout the I/O field for conducting high-quality, scientifically sound validation work. e-Selex.com will validate one of the WEBselex biodata assessments for a position or job family within your organization at no cost. This FREE offer includes the following:
  • an Assessment website for incumbents or applicants to complete predictor data
  • a Rating website for supervisors to make ratings
  • an Administrator website for tracking participant progress
  • Validation Analyses, including predictor and criterion data analysis, estimates of criterion-related validity against the criterion measures, and adverse impact analysis
  • a brief Validation Report summarizing findings
The validation websites provide an efficient, convenient and cost-effective means for collecting the data needed for criterion-validation purposes. This approach enables companies to conduct the highest quality validation study in a fraction of the time traditional methods required.

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Requirements for Free Validation Offer
There is no charge for the validation study if a customer meets the following requirements: uses the standard version of the assessment and criterion form (no edits), provides at least 200 useable completed assessments and matched rating forms, as well as a data file of participant names and information in advance of the study, grants e-Selex.com permission to report the findings (without identifying the customerís name), signs a License and Professional Services Agreement with e-Selex.com, and prepares and distributes all participant communications, including follow-up communication.

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