Sure, a monster can get you lots of bodies.  But how do you know who to hire?

Donít be fooled by recruitment websites that pretend to offer personnel selection. The goal of recruitment vendors is to attract the diverse and the many, not to find the best among the many.

Nonetheless, selection instruments are increasingly surfacing on recruitment websites. Unfortunately, the ones weíve reviewed have little or no validity. Some presume to have validity, but validity is not demonstrated. Others start with a valid instrument, but use a format that cannot maintain validity in unproctered administration on the open Internet.

At, our competitive advantage is our focus. We do one thing and do it very well. We predict job success for jobs in any industry through the use of online biodata predictive surveys. selection technology is job-relevant and valid. We recommend candidates for hire that have the greatest potential for job success. The big recruitment sites are working hard to offer tools that look like they have validity, but they donít seem concerned to see if the validity is real, or if it can be sustained when administered on the open Internet.

Key Advantages
e-Selex.comís biodata assessments have four key advantages over other selection tools found on the Internet:

Validity on the Internet
Administering employment tests over the Internet is risky business. Biodata is ideal for Internet administration, due to factual content and verifiability. Biodata do not have ďrightĒ answers; therefore, the validity holds up with open Internet administration.

Predictive Validity biodata are developed to provide predictive validity against specific outcomes. The biodata show strong predictive validity against job-specific criteria.

Little or No Adverse Impact
Biodata consistently show less adverse impact than any other selection tool with comparable validity. Our prediction systems often show near zero differences in average scores for protected groups versus non-protected groups, and rarely ever more than on the criterion itself.

Turnover Prediction
Biodata use past behavior to predict future behavior. No other tool can predict turnover, a key priority for most companies, as well as biodata.
Success is its own best predictor. The past behavior of an individual under a particular set of circumstances is the best predictor of future behavior of that individual under a similar set of circumstances.
Past performance demonstrates both the personís ability to perform, as well as the individualís motivation to perform. assessments capture both the can-do and the will-do of job performance.
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